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  • Laura Crockett

5 reasons why you NEED a celebrant for your 2024 wedding!

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

There's been a huge increase in celebrant led weddings recently and there is a very good reason! In fact, celebrant led wedding ceremonies were named the number 1 'Key Wedding Trend for 2024' by I could give you 100 reasons why you need a celebrant for your 2024 wedding, but here are my top 5!

1. It's completely personal to you. Your wedding ceremony should be as individual as your relationship! Think about the last 3 weddings you've been to... did all the brides wear the same dress or the grooms the same suit? Were the meals the same? Did they have the same flowers? No? So why should the wedding ceremonies be the same? If you use a celebrant you will be guaranteed to have a ceremony your guests will never forget! Instead of listening to the same boring words they've heard before and maybe 'switching off', they will be listening to every word as we bring your relationship to life, and share with your closest family and friends the story of how you met, fell in love, got engaged and decided to get married!

2. It's more fun!

If you're looking for the fun factor, then a celebrant led ceremony is exactly what you need! Yes a wedding is about romance, but let's make it fun too! From surprising everyone with a ring lottery and having a sing-a-long to mid ceremony shots and physically 'tying the knot', there are so many ways you can get your guests involved and have some fun. All of these things make for incredible moments for your photographer to capture and really create those talking points that guests will remember for years to come!

3. We become besties!

Wouldn't it be nice to have a familiar face waiting for you at the end of the aisle rather than someone you've only just met? After every wedding ceremony I conduct, I will always have at least one friend or family member come over to ask 'How do you know the happy couple?' and guests are always surprised when I tell them - 'I don't - we only met when we started working together!'. Throughout the ceremony planning process we will have lots of meetings so I can really get to know you both and be able to tell your love story. Whether these are on zoom, or in person, by the time your wedding day comes around, it will feel like we've been friends for years! Being asked if I'm a friend of the couple is one of the best compliments I receive and always reassures me that I've done a good job.

4. You can have your ceremony anywhere.

With a celebrant wedding you can get have your ceremony absolutely anywhere! If you have somewhere that's really meaningful to you, let's make it happen! I've conducted ceremonies in people's gardens, on farms, in fields, old churches, on the beach, on a cliff top, the possibilities are endless! Even if you have chosen a licensed venue, using a celebrant gives you the flexibility to have your ceremony wherever you like. So if you are in love with a venue but maybe their licensed and recommended ceremony area wouldn't be your first choice, you can have your ceremony somewhere else instead.

5. You can celebrate twice.

Celebrants can't legally marry you in England (yet!) so you'll need to register your marriage separately to make it legal. This can be as simple as making an appointment at your local registry office to fill in the paperwork and say a few words in front of 2 witnesses and it costs around £50 depending on your local council. However, more and more couples are choosing to celebrate their legal marriage registration as well as their bigger wedding ceremony so you can have double the fun, and you get to treat yourself to two outfits!

These are just some of my favourite reasons you need to have a celebrant for your wedding but if you want the other 95 then get in touch now and we can have a chat about making your dream ceremony a reality! Laura x

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